Website Creation

Web site creation is not just a simple matter of creating a few pages, linking them together and then firing them off to the World Wide Web – and then waiting for the visitors to arrive.

We have posted a series of articles we like to title ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About Web Site Creation But Were Afraid to Ask’ that is an in-depth overview of just how much you need to think about when setting up a website. View the full range of articles here. It is lengthy, but a really good introduction to the way websites are created and published and could answer some of your nagging doubts about website creation.

The considerations required to build an effective website that has positive benefits to the site owner are enormous: and here at Images we have cracked the Magic Formula for web success.

The way we approach a website build is quite unique in the industry as a whole, because before we even start a project we insist on beginning with the client outcomes in mind; i.e. before we build, we assess, analyse and create a flowchart for the client to agree the specific steps.

Because our process is specifically designed for each client and is something we have devised after 14 years in the business, we do not wish to disclose our methods publically.

Our systems have taken some years to refine and we do not want them to be copied by other design companies, who would not have the necessary back-end resources or expertise to make these systems run effectively.

The Images Group apply holistic methodologies to their working practices, where we examine and incorporate all elements of the process –  design, functionality, marketing, purpose, outcomes and monitoring –  to achieve the desired end result.

All clients have different needs and we take the time and make the effort to ensure that what we provide meets these needs. And because we make sure that you have the right data about how your website performs, the results we achieve for you are trackable and measurable.


Images know that everybody is different and have different needs, so we tailor our websites to the clients needs. We often take the risk of offending our clients by telling them that what they are asking for is not for them and we will not undertake any projects that conflict with the basic rules of a good website; fast loading, valuable content, visitor stickiness and ease of use. Your website has a purpose and we will work with you to uncover its true purpose, whether it is to generate profits, to inform or to entertain. This will be reflected in the final design and must be a part of your brand that you sit comfortably with.


The functionality of your site will determine the compexity of its underlying ‘mechanics’. Many clients want the full control of a full-blown content management system that enables them to make every textual and image change on the site; others require a level of complexity than cannot be easily managed by the client – where possible in these cases we offer a dual control system where clients can make the day to day updates but leave us to manage the database and ordering systems. The choice is yours.


The best website is never finished – it develops in an environment of continuous improvement, constantly evolving, constantly offering the highest level of visitor interaction.

Images spend considerable amounts of time and money keeping up to date with the latest developments and keep their clients informed of new systems and techniques that can improve their website performance and usability. Why compromise? Use Images for your website development and you know you will be among  leaders in technologically-advanced websites. However, we will not use untried technology simply because it is new; we will only use stable components and fully-tested and proven systems on our clients’ sites.


Support is a key issue in web development; as websites become an essential arm of the business, it is vital to keep this business element ‘alive and well’, so at Images we offer a range of support packages to ensure the integrity and security of your website. As maliciious attacks become more commonplace (see our write up about recent hacking), it is important that your website is kept as secure as possible, and our support packages ensure that you have the most up-to-date software available to run your site and the latest security patches installed to ensure its impregnability. We also operate a regular back-up system to insure against catastrophic loss, maintaining the integrity and replacability of your online data.

After 14 years we like to think that we know what we are doing! But don’t take our word for it, view some of our testimonials from satisfied customers on the  testimonials page.

The Images Group; outstanding Service, outstanding results.