Is it that time already?

Christmas is coming – unless you’re a Mayan anyway. On December 21st 2012, according to their calendar its the end. The end of what we aren’t quite sure, but for many it signifies the end of the year, the end of a major marketing push, the final tidy up before the excesses of Christmas and New Year take their toll.

The year hasn’t been a pretty one in economic and weather terms, with cuts here, floods there, EEC crises, 100 year storms, 50 year storms….. But hasn’t it also been an uplifting year? Magnificent Olympics of which I  felt privileged to attend, a glimmer of hope for the political future – I refer to Boris of course; who could be downcast when we have the potential of a mop-headed, charisma-driven country leader who has made the term gaffe a political plus!

There has been a lot of regrouping, resorting and restrategising at Images to find the elusive formula for success, but we think we have it sussed.

Out with the same old, same old and in with the proven results strategies backed by some powerful software systems; our biggest success so far this year was having so much traffic going to a website that it was banished by the hosting company to a super high capacity server. We will be repeating this success with another two of our clients by Christmas.

Do you need this kind of success story in your business?

Give us a call on 0191 516 6669 and we will see if we can wave some magic your way.

PS Don’t call on December 21st – we will be watching the end as it unfolds from the top of Mount Teide….