Are You Local?

Royston Vasey Local Business Owners


This question from the shop owners in the BBC’s great comedy series ‘League of Gentlemen’ is very prophetic in many ways.

For some time internet search was focused on delivering the results of the ‘best keyword optimised sites’, regardless of where you were. For instance if you searched for ‘Bike shops’, chances are that you would be delivered a set of results from Google or Yahoo that displayed the best optimised sites for the keywords ‘Bike shops’.

This usually bore no relationship to where you were searching from so the results would include bike shops hundreds of miles from your location. Good if you wanted to buy ecommerce online, but bad if you wanted a local shop you could go into and ‘kick the tyres’ so to speak.

For some time Google has been tweaking its algorithms (which is not as painful as it sounds) to deliver a higher standard of relevant search results to its users and one of its major pushes has been in ‘local’ marketing.


This has now become the hot topic of 2011 and is something that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to marketing your own ‘local’ business online. By taking a series of steps to secure your place in the local marketplace online, you can now capture the attention of people who want to buy goods and services from somebody who is not scores of miles away and somebody who has a good local reputation.

How to Achieve Local Visibility

We will be running a series of seminars and webinars introducing this new concept to the marketplace, at the same time revealing some mind-blowing statistics about how the marketplace has changed in a very short time and why you should be part of this new marketing trend.

We spend countless late nights absorbing and applying the most cutting edge techniques from our neighbours across the pond so that our clients can positively benefit from our training and intervention.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars, just drop us a line on and we will give you priority notices about these business-changing events.

Jim McRoy, posted from Royston Vasey