Protect the Integrity of Your Website With the Images Group Support Contract

With the Images Group Support Contract you can benefit from:

  • Automatic software and security updates.
  • Website Backups at monthly intervals
  • Notifications of important security issues, software fixes and important information from the internet world relating to issues that could affect your business
  • Offline Data Backup and email continuation services in the event of catastrophic failure of your in-house PC equipment

Your business is important and your website is the shop window to the world, by taking out an Image Group Support Contract

If it suddenly stopped working or disappeared, what impact would that have on your business?
How would customers and potential customers react?
If your site was attacked by a malicious coder, how would you cope?
Support contract members benefit from round-the-clock protection, knowing that with our support package they can be up and running again within a very short while, with minimal customer disruption.
We take regular back-ups of your site and store them safely offline – just in case the worst happens.

To make the sites even safer, we regularly check for site software updates, and if they are free, install them automatically for our clients. (If the supplier of the software releases a completely new version that they are charging for, we will advise you first before taking any action).
Security patches for software are even more important; as weaknesses or flaws are detected, the vendor will release an update that needs to be installed as quickly as possible to secure the site against malicious attacks.

By taking out the Images Group Support Contract , our members have this protection as a matter of course and are guaranteed to have the maximum protection available for their website as soon as possible after any software updates.
Our service contract also includes

  • Hints and Tips on Internet and Search Engine Marketing, Tools and Resources to Make Your Life Easier
  • Our members monthly newsletter contains new and relevant information to help you make your site work even harder for you and also gives the lowdown on what’s working and what is new on the internet scene.
  • Many of our recommended resources are absolutely free, provide great functionality and most importantly have been tried and tested out in the field
  • Telephone access to our technical support department via a dedicated service line number. Only support contract members receive telephone access, plus access to our online priority email support desk. Non-support members use our regular online support email system, with priority support at extra cost.

How Much Does All of This Cost?

Considering the potential losses to your company caused by your site being hacked, going offline or otherwise not functioning properly, the support contract will pay for itself from day one.

How Can We Say That?
There are several reasons:

Our regular rate for website support is £60 per hour (£80 per hour for priority service) which is industry standard, but buy taking out a support contract you win in several ways – with a support contract our rate is reduced by 50%, which means that any work (yes, even work that takes longer than the hours purchased) is charged out at half price, saving you £30 an hour immediately.

Our monthly planned support of back-ups and security routines takes an hour each month, so each month you will have one hour of support to use, or to ‘roll over’, which means that you can ‘bank’ your hours to use in a larger block, to use for updating your site, add new forms, change the structure or even to set against the cost of our web marketing packages. The hours can be rolled over for a maximum of six months and remain valid while you are a support contract member.

Compare the cost against how much you would pay for an in-house ‘techie’ to carry out these tasks – not to mention the hassle of employing someone!

But That’s Not All..

To make the decision even easier, we are offering an unbelievable Summer 2010 Special bonus:
We will install and configure Google Analytics, one of the most powerful statistical analysis tools for your website for only £100 – a savings of £200 from the regular price. From January 1st 2009 this service will be made commercially available to our clients at a cost of £299.00 installation with £20 per month data analysis reporting, but for support contract customers, this will be absolutely free of charge.

This powerful system provides laser-accurate in-depth information about the visitors to your site, including Visitor Overviews, Landing Pages, Page Views, Time On Site, Bounce Rates. Exit Pages, Paths, Goals, Sales Funnels, Ad tracking, Campaign Monitoring and much, much more. The software that powers Google Analytics was commercially available three years ago for $6000, but Google bought it and made it available to web marketers and Google Adwords users.

It is an enormously comprehensive web-performance analysis tool, but few companies know how to implement and configure it fully.
At Images we have spent several months of intensive training learning how to implement and use Analytics to its fullest extent and as part of your support package we will install and set up the programme so that it collects data automatically and sends the information directly to your email inbox.

In addition, for a very limited time, we will create an ongoing Benchmarking report for your site using a very specific system within Analytics.
The system compares your site’s performance with the industry average, showing where you rate against industry competitors (not specific competitors as the data is collected anonymously, but the industry sector average) and shows you just where improvements to your site could be made – and if you would like us to implement any changes, you could use your support hours to do this or benefit from the special rate that your support contract gives you.

Setting up the Benchmarking Analysis will be charged out to clients at £150.00, but for support contract customers it is absolutely free.

To Summarise:

As a support contract customer you will benefit from:

  • High Level Support for your website, including site back-ups, all free updates of software and security running and protecting your site (which can occur very frequently)
  • A direct line support number linked to technical support
  • Access to the online priority email support desk, driven by sophisticated technology ensuring support tickets are logged and given priority by technical support
  • Monthly Hints and Tips Newsletter – each and every day we see some quite amazing products and services, or read about some really neat and powerful techniques being used in the world of internet marketing and search marketing. Our monthly newsletter will summarise the best of these for enjoyment and profit growth
  • 50% off our regular rate – this can be applied to almost anything we offer except complete website rebuilds and specialist marketing services .
  • Installation and configuration of Google Analytics on your website, with performance reports delivered monthly by email
  • Configuring Benchmarking Analysis for your site – reports will be available two weeks after installation as it takes this time to collect the appropriate industry data.

Data and Email Backup Services

We have just joined forces with one of the UK’s largest Specialist Data services to offer you the ultimate in Online Data Back-up systems. Not only will this service collect and store your data, it will also allow you to access this data securely and remotely using remote access from any computer, should your own data or systems suffer catastrophic failure.

This Business Continuity programme offers even more than that. Not only will it offer you the security and peace of mind that a robust online data storage brings, but it also has the option of email back-up and service continuity should your in-house systems ‘fall-over’.

The email back-up system gives you the ability to continue using emails via a secure online system with access to the past two-weeks emails.
This promises to be an absolute life-saver in business continuation terms.

For further details call our office on 0191 5197278 or email us on and we will get back to you with details of the Images Group Support Contract.