Some of you will already be aware of our upcoming event on Monday 06 July 2009 at the Quadrus Centre, Boldon. What you won’t know is that is the spaces have filled up very quickly. It seems this topic is something that is both current  and interesting to most local businesses. Everyone has heard of facebook and twitter and are looking for ways to market themselves on-line using these social tools. If you have already signed up please make sure you complete the survey that was emailed to you as this will allow us to cater the specifics to best suit your needs.


Social Marketing on the Internet

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are well known applications on the internet, but these and a host of other social marketing tools can be used in a specific way to improve the profile of your business, generate more sales, promote a strong marketing message and draw
visitors to your website or blog.

However, before you begin to use these tools, it is wise to define your strategy and ensure that your message is targeted to the right market sector.

This workshop will introduce you to the power and scope of Social Marketing on the Internet and explain how these tools can be effectively deployed in your business. The Social Marketing avenues discussed will include:

  • Podcasting
  • Videocasting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Content Communities
  • Forums
  • Social Shopping
  • Social Networking
  • Blogs & Microblogs
  • Virtual Worlds
  • Widgets

The workshop will guide you through the key steps in creating a strategy to take advantage of Web 2.0 and carve a market niche in your chosen field. The event will also include a ‘masterclass’ session on how to maximise the impact of Twitter and Facebook in your business.

Event Details
TitleSocial Marketing on the Internet
DateMonday 06 July 2009
Start time12:00
End Time14:00
LocationThe Quadrus Centre, Boldon
Event ContactThe Quadrus Centre Customer Service Team
Telephone0191 519 7202
How to BookPlease contact the Quadrus Customer Service Team