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The Images Group are a small team of creatives based in Sunderland. For over twenty years our customers have trusted us to build websites and guide them through the perils of marketing their businesses online. We have many clients in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham and as far afield as Surrey.

Building Direct Response Websites That Work

In 1994 I launched the Images Group, a business dedicated to exploiting the potential that the Internet gave to companies who were savvy enough to see how they could maximise their profits by moving part of their operations online.

Like any pioneering concept, many businesses did not see the opportunities this new technology could bring them – and still many do not fully understand how to maximise their online presence.

Persuading businesses to take the plunge and go online was not an easy task.

Since those early days, the Images Group has introduced ground-breaking , innovative solutions to its client-base; online video, social media marketing, personalised urls – the list goes on.

Innovation that now is essential was pioneered and championed by the Images Group.

Technology moves on apace; applications and systems that were unheard of last year are being developed and adopted at an alarming rate, yet the Images Group still keeps abreast of the latest – and most useful applications.


The applications and solutions are the result of considerable ongoing investment, both in time and money, in systems, seminars, training and webinars delivered by some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing.

I have associated with and been taught by the best in the world in both traditional and online marketing techniques and systems. I have paid tens of thousands of pounds to luminaries such as Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl, Jim Edwards, Ryan Deiss, Perry Marshall, Chris Cardell, Yanik Silver, Perry Belcher, Bill Glazer, Jay Abrahams and many others to participate in training to acquire their knowledge and expertise.

And the training and learning continues!

I continue to invest in acquiring knowledge and learning systems that I know will benefit my clients.

The clients who continue to work with the Images Group on an ongoing basis show consistently remarkable returns on their investment. They know the key to success is maintaining an ongoing relationship.

The internet continues to evolve as do the systems and methods that you must adopt to ensure continuing success.

Building Direct Response Websites that work is The Images Group speciality; almost anyone can build a website today, but creating an interactive, Direct Response website requires a depth of knowledge, skill and understanding that few possess.

The Images Group is one of the few that possess this expertise and our results-driven service is the key to success in today’s competitive marketplace.

My company will help to stand out from the mediocre majority, helping you to become’ Remarkable’.

Working with our experienced team will help you to precisely target your ideal prospect amd then implement systems that will engage with the target, helping to turn these prosepects into loyal customers and ultimately advocates of your products and services, spreading the word of mouth that will make your business grow.

Do You Qualify?

Our services are not suitable for all companies. The Images Group can only work with clients who are prepared to invest both time and money into a long-term business relationship. There is no shortcut to long term success and no magic bullet that can launch your business into the stratosphere as is promised by many companies out there. Beware the shiny shiny – the latest new thing that guarantees your success; I review scores of these every month and most are ‘not fit for purpose’.

Our success rate is excellent, but to make your project successful will require participation from the client!

So for that reason, if you only want to have website developed with the expectation that it will be business booster for your company without any kind of marketing or direct response mechanisms, I can’t help you.

While search engine optimisation is one of our core skills, on its own it will not provide the level of growth or profitability a properly marketed site will.

I have also been teaching and implementing Social Media strategies and techniques for clients since 2009, but even most meticulously executed campaigns can only form part of a multi-modal marketing strategy.

And so I close with an unusual request – Please don’t contact us if you aren’t serious about growing your business.

I could give you the standard response that we can build you a beautiful website that might even win some design awards, but we don’t do that kind of thing.

We can and do build beautiful websites, but as they are your online business and are designed for one purpose only – to get you paying customers – we make sure that they do what they are supposed to; Attract the attention of the customer, raise customerInterest, convince the customers that they want and Desire the product or service and that it will satisfy their needs, and then lead them to take Action – subscribe, purchase or whatever your primary purpose is.

Are You Ready to Work on Your Business?

If you have got this far then you are are in a minor percentile of business owners; most just want the quick fix, the magic bullet.

There are some shortcuts to be had, but there is also a lot of work to be done first.

If you are interested in becoming one of the few companies that we work with, please give us a call on 0191 516 66 69 or complete the form on the next page and we will review your details to see if you are a match for our services.