Company Background

The begining

The Images Group began life in 1993 when sports-specialist photo journalist Jim McRoy began supplying many of the world’s leading magazines with photographs and words covering many international events.

Since then the organisation has diversified into many areas. We’ve established a solid customer base and are quite pleased with the word of mouth referrals that keeps up busy.

Our aim from the outset was to provide a total image solutions package to our clients; there is now no need to source a separate photographer, graphic designer, web developer or web host to complete your corporate package; we can undertake the whole package in-house if you so desire. Of course we are more than happy to provide individual elements of our services to our clients and many do use our company for pure consultancy or web design.

James McRoy

James McRoy

Owner, Chief Marketing, Photographer

Gavin Cole

Gavin Cole

Creative Designer, Technical Support

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